Founding of Life Cycle Ltd.

Životni Ciklus d.o.o. in Croatia, Zagreb

3 friends establishing the company to start releasing their own music recordings and for music publishing.
At that time the music project had the name LifeCycle.

Album "Online", single "But I Cannot Lose You" and album "Once Must Try"

Global digital release by Chris Slanton and VLCAM

In 2009, as an arranger, record and mixing engineer, VLCAM took part in recording of Chris Slanton’s album ‘Online’. Vlad moved to Zagreb, Croatia where together with Chris they prepared album ‘Online’ for releasing. The album was released by the same indie label Life Cycle Ltd. This experience was very useful for Vlad in his aim to be a musician.

However, Vlad wanted more. Soon, his first album ‘Once Must Try’ was released on the same label Life Cycle Limited. VLCAM was an author of all tracks. The album didn’t have much success, though it wasn’t set as an aim, which could be seen from the title. Afterwards, Vlad returned to Moscow where started to prepare materials for his new album which should have become a breakthrough. However, for the beginning it was needed to write a powerful song which would be the first single…

In My Wishes

First release in the UK by VLCAM feat. Chris Slanton

In the beginning of 2012 VLCAM and Chris Slanton decided to work together again. But this time material for recording was granted by Vlad. So, the song ‘In My Wishes’ was born. In this composition besides his usual technical role, Vlad operates as a composer and main producer and also sings all lead-vocals on the track. Single ‘In My Wishes’ is rather a pop song though it has some elements of dance music. The track had good potential. However, due to lack of promotion, the song had no success.

In 2014 label Life Cycle Limited decided to re-release song ‘In My Wishes’. It was re-mixed and re-mastered. The single contains five tracks including alternative versions of the song. For the main single’s track the video clip was filmed. It tells the story about a young man who dreams to live a life he can’t afford to live.

Working with the British singer | songwriter | artist Laura Jeanne

"You're The One That I Need"

In the beginning of the year Chris Slanton started working on a new project "You're The One That I Need" by Laura Jeanne Smith and it was Judd Lander who introduced Laura to Chris on a music event. Then, in summer, VLCAM joined the mixing and overdubbing process in the Music Sales Creative UK studio in London to make several final adjustments with Chris.  

The experience to work with amazing Casper McQueen, Jonas Christian Persson Music Sales Creative UK, Alex Wharton from Abbey Road Studios and of course Laura Jeanne Smith with her unique voice was great.

That Was Never The Way...

Epic song and music video by Chris Slanton as an author, producer and director

Chris Slanton is an artist and performer whose sound blurs the lines between the melodies of pop and the ominous textures of dark-wave. Recently, he set out to unleash a brand new single release - a project titled That Was Never The Way…

The song has multiple layers that really add life and character to it. The beat is an absolute mastodon, with gigantic grooves, massive low-end, and a crunchy top end that cuts right through the mix. The sonic textures and big melodic pads are really well-arranged, blooming seamlessly around the rhythm and allowing the vocals to pop out at the forefront to the mix. As you might imagine, a great vocal performance is really at the core of greatness in this particular genre, and thankfully, Chris does not fail to impress with his masterful delivery and dynamic lyrical flow. His songwriting comes from a very personal place and feels very expressive, but at the same time, it is also very catchy and easy to relate to - few artists can combine integrity and appeal so successfully, but it definitely feels like an easy task for Chris, who performs with passion and vision. (
by Andrew a.k.a. Laserlife)

The song and the final master was presented on The Battle of Stockholm, which was organized by PureMix with hosting by Greg Wells and Andrew Scheps, who shared huge experience in mixing and production of music. It has got positive feedback.

In 2020 the single had been approved to MTV US and MTV2 UK as well as several US, UK, and EU radio stations.

Extra Money & New CEO

Actual single by VLCAM, Vladislav Maslov becomes a new CEO

The new song touches the current problem of lack of means for living, social inequality of people, as well as the fact that everything is tied to money. 

Extra Money was taken to several EU, Brazilian, US, UK radio stations and got support from club DJs and playlists curators. It was downloaded by Eric Morillo, Don Diablo and other DJs for their sets.

In September Vladislav Maslov (Vlad Masslove) is leaving famous Japanese audio equipment vendor's position of Head of Sales to join Life Cycle Ltd. company again as a CEO to develop the demanding market.

PublMe Platform

Developing and launching of the PublMe Music Platform

PublMe is the new Home for creators in the modern era (for musicians, authors, producers, artists) + Platform for music discovery (for everyone) + Platform for your business (for independent creators) and for the industry (for indie labels, publishers, curators, ad agencies, film and games producers, system integrators and others).
PublMe stands for making musical acts Public and for Publish in the new way. It makes new talents Discovery easy.

The Musicverse

Agency, Space and PublMe World

Life Cycle continues to develop audio-visual products and dives even more into development, IT and blockchain technology.
The company's team creates the community and the space in the PublMe Space community network for building up the new dimension of the independent music world. It is driven by musicians and tech enthusiasts and includes services and tools for creators and for business.
Everyone can join this movement, support and create the future together.


New CEO, Spaces development, tools

Since April Chris Slanton is a new CEO of Life Cycle, Vlad Masslove is moving to the role of tech and strategy advisor, while also acting as a CTO. The PublMe Space becomes the main focus for development as a virtual economy for the community, also providing services, tools, support for creators and expanding the catalogue presence.

Our Mission

Create potential for all and everyone in the music business, discovering new talents and leading them through their formation.


- To convey the truth to the world about the emotional experiences of people, the essence of everything around, dreams and invisible sides (Truth)

- To discover undiscovered talents (Equality)

- To produce and show emotional products (Emotions)


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